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“Going After Alice” returns Aug. 28-29

August 25, 2009

Story Slam! will host the return of Megan Mostyn-Brown’s powerful “Going After Alice” on Aug. 28-29.

This heart-wrenching play about a family coping with the loss of a son killed in the war was read during Story Slam’s inaugural weekend at 1401 Central Ave.

The cast features:
Alice: Chandler McIntyre
Minerva: Tanya McClellan
Dan: Randell Haynes
Ramona: Claudia Carter Covington
Abby: Cody Harding
Michael: Matt Cosper
Shannon Reichley will read the stage directions.

Click here for a video of one of the light-hearted moments during the first performance of “Alice.” The scene features “Alice” (Chandler McIntyre) confronting “Ramona” (Claudia Carter Covington) about how boring Ramona has become.

Doors open at 7 pm. The concert reading of “Alice” begins around 8 pm.

Tickets: $10 in advance on; $14 at door.S

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