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“One In The Spirit” show added for Friday (Dec. 18)

December 15, 2009

One In The Spirit poster

From the Nov. 12 issue of The Charlotte Post by Ryanne Persinger:

Play Reaches Out To Couples

Two years ago, Brian and Valerie Daye were looking for a spicier way to reach married couples at New Covenant AME Church. “We needed something different,” Brian Daye said. “My wife said, ‘why don’t you write a play?’ and so I did.”Brian Daye penned “One In The Spirit,” a one-act play focusing on three African American couples tackling marital issues, betrayal, tragedy and renewal of faith.

Val Daye, a life coach, says she and her husband wanted to use their artistic abilities in connecting with other couples. “I think it’s important that the church finds creative ways to reach various types of people,” she said. “There’s so many different levels of marriages to tell, like the father/son relationship, the sister/girl relationship…those are all embedded together.”

For Brian Daye, writing turned out to be the best of both worlds because the play not only entertains, it is used as a teaching tool for husbands and wives, dating couples and single folks, too. “I’ve been acting for 30 years but this is my first time writing something,” Brian Daye said. “It’s kind of like a new muscle that you haven’t discovered.”

The play premiered in Greensboro at a marriage enrichment conference in 2007. Since then, it has played at a few other venues, but now it is revving back up. “My wife said I needed to dust (the play) off the shelf and take it back on the road,” Brian said.

There are eight characters in “One In The Spirit.” Six are married, one is a friend of a spouse and the other is a preacher. Brian Daye says the cast is exemplary and includes actors Karen Abercrombie, John W. Price, Ife’ Moore, Willie Stratford Jr., Angela Shannon, Chris Bretscher, Steve Boyd and Granville Caldwell.

The play, Brian Daye says, is for everyone. It contains contemporary issues between young, middle-aged and senior couples. “(The performance) speaks to everyone who is going through something and are looking for ways to move their lives forward,” Brian Daye said. “We’re telling a great story. I’m not trying to preach, but maybe it will change someone’s life.”

Val Daye said there has not been a person who has not come back after seeing the show and said, “‘you carried out a snap shot right out of my relationship.’“ Brian Daye says any church or venue interesting in hosting the play can also contact him.

For more information or for tickets, call (704) 724-1516. To contact Brian Daye, email

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